Monday, August 17th
6:30 p.m.
Minsky's at Midland & Renner

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If you would like to donate to NWJCR to help spread the conservative message and support our endorsed candidates, you can do so by visiting our support page. You can donate by check or online via Piryx or PayPal.

Welcome to the Northwest Johnson County Republicans!
In northwest Johnson County, Republicans now have an opportunity to get involved and influence elections and policy. The Northwest Johnson County Republicans are conservatives living in the area of northwest Johnson County, Kansas who are interested in education and activism. Whether it be in races for the national level, state level or local level, this new organization will aim to be involved from the ground up, getting friends and neighbors involved on behalf of candidates who support Republican values.

In addition, we look to be a network to inform people about issues through education. There is so much information available and our goal is to develop the capability to deliver that information to the voter. Too often, the mainstream media is not a reliable resource for critical information about policy and as a result, the people who enact those policies, our elected officials.

Paid for by Northwest Johnson County Republicans PAC; Diane Macheers, Treasurer
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