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Northwest Johnson County Republicans Endorse Kris Kobach for Secretary of State
The Northwest Johnson County Republicans have endorsed Kris Kobach for Secretary of State. The endorsement was made on Tuesday, June 15 via a vote of the membership of the organization.

Regarding the endorsement, the organization's Chairman, Mike Pirner, said the following:

"Kris Kobach is the fighter we need in the Secretary of State's office -- to ensure our voter rolls are accurate, to stamp out voter fraud, and to pass common-sense legislation such as the Voter ID bill, which with his leadership, will become law in 2011. Kris has been fighting for years to secure our borders and protect the intregity of our elections. Kris Kobach is the only choice for Secretary of State."

The Northwest Johnson County Republicans is a grassroots network of conservative Republicans within northwest Johnson County that will help elect and support candidates who will uphold the Republican principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, traditional values, respect for life, law and order, clean government, personal responsibility, a strong national defense, and patriotism.

The Northwest Johnson County Republicans are not affiliated with the Kansas Republican Party.

Paid for by Northwest Johnson County Republicans PAC; Sheila Wodtke, Treasurer
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